Futuristic flying bus racing is another 2019 thrilling action driving and flying race. fly and race game will give the player-s a dual experience of fly and race, as flying in the air and racing on the road , bus jumper game is full of thrilling driving and crazy flying in 3d Environment graphics. Not anymore wait, try this extreme flying bus driving simulator game as futuristic bus flying school. Get to places quicker, faster and even cheaper at times in free air racing.
The flight simulator 3d has two major modes. First one is heli flight and flying bus at same time 2nd is flying buses as city airplane flight simulator in this version. Travelling in the city, same daily routine, super shuttle, driving your old fashioned bus, picking and dropping passengers and public transport, how boring! So change your racing bus to flying mode, just like in all flying games or flying car games, and keep traveling the distances a lot faster than you can think in endless flying game.
Racing bus converts into plane racing and flying Helicopter for rapid flight as real bus flying and shooting elevated bus is way to fly and travel fast. Bus jumping game is best transport game with simulated travel of passengers transport. City driving school sim learns you bus stunts as bus transporter in bus driving simulator. This xtreme coach will fly fast and fly up. sky bus is not public travel bus. Transporte public is one of free bus driver games as the best car simulator of 2019. Usually transport buses simulate as city bus simulator and you will city bus driving in local transit bus games, but extreme flight is flying bus simulation 3d.
Title is one of the best simulation game of Helicopter games. In heli simulator game you will to fly helicopter in different situations and drive through city high buildings and land on top of buildings, moving trains and trucks heli bases. Be ready to become helicopter pilot in Helicopter simulation and fly bus in different situation. Try aeroplane flying bus fast auto and fly bus in a helicopter flying adventure. Flying car simulator, magic school bus, oil supply for 3d bus, speedo bus all are beauty of bus driving games. Now flying monster bus, sky coach in futuristic world with heavyweight, flying truck and super-fast flight all create attraction for airport commander of TITLE. In city airport to fly fleet airport jobs are easy for flying airplane simulator. like kids flying game as their dream is flying superstars. Fast flying bus simulazione is fly victor as airplane simulation.
Flying bus as airplane is very interesting MODE of TITLE. In TITLE Race the pilots in aircraft racer as city pilot plane in airplane games. In airport worldwide plane game of airport line a flying pilot can find airport and complete airport missions.
Play bus and airport fly game as racing bus amazing. 3d bus games have airport stores for plane driving in airport games and airport simulator, flying simulator is one simulator game of top free games. City airplane simulator is pilot fighting and Flying bus as plane drive free simulator game. Simulate in TITLE with new idea, flying bus is for lovers of flying simulation games.

Game Features:-
- Smooth and realistic Bus changing & handling as Helicopter flying and airplane flying
- Helicopter, airplane, bus flying 3 in 1 flying game.
- Awesome Number of levels in TITLE.
- Experience as pre-pilot bus flying without fear flying coach.
- Epic flying bus simulation as robot airplane flying games.
- High quality graphics and thrilling sound effects in futuristic flying bus driving simulator.
- Awesome exciting modes (Flying Airplane Mode, Flying Bus and Flying Helicopter mode)
- Perform stunts in open world driving city
- best driving and flying controls
- awesome buses available for each mode
- fly as high as you can
- reach destination on time


Client Name
: Hawksbay
Start Date
: 19th Mar, 2019
End Date
: 27th Oct, 2019
: Completed