MIS Systems:

Funtash Technologies is viewed as a favored asset for Management Information System Development in Islamabad. We foster MIS for all business spaces for example Medical services, Corporate Sectors, and particularly NGO Management Information System.

We  do Customized Management Information System Development in Islamabad:

We work as indicated by the interest of customers in an effective manner utilizing client highlights, client necessities, and an easy-to-use interface. We accept that our exceptionally modified Management Information System Development in Islamabad works wonders for our customers.

Deciding every one of the necessities, Funtash Technologies gives NGO Management Information System in Pakistan with modules for:

User Management Services:

§  User Profile

§  User Role

§  User Permission

§User Type Management (such as

Executive, Admin, Supervisor, Monitoring

Officer, Data Entry)

§  Assign Project to User or Partner

Project Management

§  Management of Project Files

§  Project Funds Allocation Management

§  Funds Utilization Management

§  Quantifiable & Descriptive Management of

Projects Activities/Sub Activities

§  Progress Submission (On Monthly and

Quarterly Basis)

§  Yearly Work Plan (On monthly, quarterly


§  Yearly Cash Plan (On monthly, quarterly



System Setting

§  Union Council Management

§  Tehsil Management

§  District Management

§  Province Management

§Ministry, Partner, Sister Organization


Field of Work, Specialization, Sector 

Project Evaluation and Monitoring

§  Project Profile Reports

§  Union Council wise Project Report

§  Tehsil wise Project Report

§  District wise Project Report

§  Province wise Project Report

§  Overall Sector wise Projects Report

§  Work Plan Report

§  Cash Plan Report

§  Project Financial Project Report

§  Funds Utilization Report

§  Project Progress Report (From and to date)

§  Project Activity Report

§  Progress Reporting of Physical Project

§  Project Planted Activities VS current progress report

§  Overall projects Reports

§  Project monitoring Reports

§  Project Result Based Monitoring Report.