Human Resource Management system(HRM) & Payroll has become one of the most important tools for any corporate environment. It’s very easy for any kind of business and helps to keep the HR & Payroll department clean and clear. Amazing HRM & Payroll software is not just a visualization it’s now become an essential software for maintaining every corporate office. Any company can use it for their regular tasks, employee workforce management, and account management. 


Integrated the Finger Print Attendance Machine

Import/Export the Finger Print Attendance File

Salary Sheet

Bonus, Credit Facility, Salary Deduction and provident fund management

Employee management

Attendance management with report

Employee Attendance report

Customize salary Statement

Complete payroll management with report

Award management

Leave management with report

Employee role management

Notice board management

Holiday management

Complete expanse management with report

Fully HRM Management

Fully Payroll Management

Create Salary Template monthly

Employee Clock Attendance

Manage Time Change Requests

Attendance Reports

Create Leave Category

Set Leave Quota

Approve / Reject Leave Applications

Create/Delete Department

Create/Delete Designation as required

Employees Add, Update, Delete or Block

Set Employee Access Roles

Employee Awards

Award Money

Give Gift Itemst

Employee Get Notified

Easy User Interface

Beautiful Dashboard

Very Easy Setup and Installation

Easy Tab Interface And Many More

Team management

Informative dashboard

File sharing and team conversation

Task management

Beautiful file preview and comments

Invoice management

Save PDF any report

Expense payments report

Custom permissions for team members

Event calendar

Private notes

Leave management

Employee details view

Announcement/notice management

Report printing and export

Easily accessible UI


Leave Application

Experience Certificate

Expense Slip


Duration project: Monthly Basis

Saas Model

Website Portals

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